Easy Click Assistant

Easy Click Assistant is intuitive and easy to operate as a an end-user

It provides easy access to tasks that’s need to be performed by the end-user.
The tasks might require local administrative privileges or maybe complex scripting;

  • Allow a normal user to run pre-defined and approved tasks with elevated rights
  • Configurable though Active Directory ADMx Template
  • Configurable though Active Directory Group Policy Preferences
  • Configurable though registry
  • Configurable msi package for easy deployment (by request)
  • Presents pre-defined tasks the end-user
  • Secure service to process pre-defined tasks
  • Signed binaries
  • User friendly

All menus, sub-menus and task names are configurable.

Simplified user access

Direct links to line of business applications or company branded shortcuts.

Fully customizable

Add unique applications, scripts or tasks for execution.
All execution types supported

Delegated system tasks

Choose specific types of system/privileged executions

Like: Ipconfig /renew, Winsock reset.
No limitations