CM Tray Tools Features:

- Easy access to actions
- 1-Click logfiles upload

CM Tray Tools

Configuration Manager Tray Tools (CM Tray Tools) is a simple and very useful tool.

The Tray application allowing easy access to specific Configuration Manager based client tasks.

The most used actions is usually:

Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle
User Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle

By popular request, we have added "Send logs" feature to the standard tasks
Send logs, will collect Configuration Manager Client Based log files and send upload them centrally on a server of your choosing.

The Advanced-mode (enabled by registry key or in About box)
Features easy access to all regular actions within the Configuration Manager Client Actions tab.
We have added the possibility to clear the cache as well.

The tool is free.
Let us know what you think and about any feature requests.



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User Awareness

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Full Visibility

Collection and ship logfiles to a central location with a single click

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