Access Director Enterprise

Access Director Enterprise is a fast an efficient way to mitigate security concerns with local administrators.
We know that removing users administrative rights can eliminate over 90% of critical Microsoft vulnerabilities, we also know that in some cases limiting the users rights, limits their productivity.

Access Director Enterprise capabilities ensures minimum impact on users and maximum productivity.
A simple and intuitive solution fro users to gain privileged access for a limited amount of time.  The user will be able to request on-demand privileged account assignment, only for choose applications or processes.

Easy Assistant Tray

Easy Assistant Tray provides easy access to specific predefined tasks for user execution.
Easy accessible predefined tasks in the user tray notification area.
Allow users to execute Powershell scripts, applications or simple commandlines.
Privileged controlled with limited or full privileges access by GPO, ConfigMgr or within MSI

RunAs Handler

If your users or superusers needs to run specific scripts, applications or runtimes, create a predefined package with secured credentials.
Supporting net credentials and verified predefined internal or external execution, never again will you have to distributed passwords for simple tasks

Securing credentials with AES256 encryption for both domain and non-domain joined accounts.

CM Tray Tools

Configuration Manager Tray Tools is a lightweight user initiated Configuration Manager action center.
The regular tasks or even advanced tasks for client actions, is easy accessible using the tray icon in the notification area.

The tool is free to use and all feedback is welcome