Easy Click Assistant 1.1 has been released

Easy Click Assistant has just been released in version 1.1

Updates now include:

  • Signed binaries
  • Support for parsing pre-defined commands to service (runs as system)
  • Support for parsing pre-defined commands to tray icon (runs as the user)
  • Support for multiple commands in one task, without requiring a full script.

Registry paths:

    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Basic Bytes\Easy Click Assistant (Key)
      • Subcategory (REG_SZ)
        • 1, 2 or 3
    • Name of submenu (Example: Active Directory)
      • Computer (Key)
        • Name of task (Example: Policy Update Computer) (REG_SZ)
          • Command to execute: gpupdate /target:computer
      • User (Key)
        • Name of task (Example: Policy Update user) (REG_SZ)
          • Command to execute: gpupdate /target:user

User actions are executed in user context as the user (by the tray icon)
Computer actions are executed in system context as the local system (by the service)

Cloud Client Management Feature Update

We are shaping our Application Update feature

Within the next month the Application Update Catalogue will be released.
The Application Update Catalogue will serve as a package repository with the most common applications, ready to import and deploy.

1-Click Application Import is coming to a portal near you.
Stay Tuned!