Access Director Enterprise Features

The main features includes the following topics:

Active Directory Integration
– Check and allows to elevated user, only if user is member for specific group.
– Checks if user is set as Owner on the computer object. Can be combined with User group or stand-alone.
– Supports caching of ldap data, for offline usage.

Central Reporting
– Send all information to intranet or internet based reporting point.

Easy Administration
– Little to non-administration using Active Directory or stand-alone

Customizable Elevation Timer
– Change the elevation timer to a time you see fit.

Group Policy ADMx Templates
– All configurations can be set using Group Policy ADMx template

Monitor Elevated Files
– Monitor what files are elevated on client computers

Monitor Installed Software
– Monitor the installed software on client computers
– Specific monitor for software installed during elevation timer and outside of elevated timer window

Monitor Uninstalled Software
– Monitor software uninstalled when the user is elevated or outside of elevated timer window

Pin-Code OTE (One-Time-Elevation)
– Require user to enter pin-code generated by application or service desk

Status reporting & logging
– Monitor What, Why, When and Where in one simplified web console

Supported versions: Access Director Supported versions
Changelog: Access Director Changelog

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